Dear tennis players,

Kop van Zuid Fysio provides you with medical care during the event. We will help you as fast as possible if you have any injury or need to relax you muscles. If you have any questions, please go to the infodesk.

Kop van Zuid Fysio is a sport minded physical therapy practice in the middle of Rotterdam.
With specialties like sport physiotherapy and dry needling we will help you to take up your physical challenges.

If you are injured during your match a physical therapist will examine you on-court, set the first diagnosis, advise you on and possibly treat your injury. This on-court consult is for free. For costs regarding further treatment off-court please refer to the price list below.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Rotterdam and wish you the best of luck for the tournament!Kop van Zuid Fysio Bo

Kind regards,

Bo & Alexander





Physiotherapist Rotterdam Open: Kop van Zuid Fysio – Bo Koopmanschap & Alexander Vos

Kop van Zuid Fysio AlexPhone

Bo: +31 (0)6 40258442

Alex: +31 (0)6 34396993

Price list

Physical therapy is free of charge for injuries occurred on the court during the match.
Players will have to pay for regular treatments and sports massage in cash.

Physical therapy

Regular session (30 minutes) € 30

Sports massage

30 minutes massage € 25


Taping session (15 minutes) € 15